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Allied forces completely surround Lisichansk, Chechnya’s Kadyrov says

All routes in and out of the city are blocked, Chechen leader saidChechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov

GROZNY, July 2. /TASS/. Allied forces have completely surrounded the city of Lisichansk, Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov said on Saturday.

"The trap has closed, allied forces have completely surrounded Lisichansk. It’s fair to say that a full-scale offensive on the city will begin soon. The enemy has nowhere to go because all routes in and out of the city are blocked," he wrote on Telegram.

According to earlier reports, over 2,000 members of Ukrainian territorial defense units remain in Lisichansk, protecting foreign mercenaries.

The Russian Defense Ministry said on Friday that LPR forces and Russian troops had taken control of the Lisichansk Oil Refinery, the Matrosskaya mine and the Lisichansk Gelatin Plant.


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