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Gas blast hits Yaroslavl apartment, authorities confirm

It is reported that there is no one under the debris

YAROSLAVL, December 5. /TASS/. The Yaroslavl municipal administration has confirmed that an accident in a residential building was triggered by an explosion of household gas, the city government’s press service told reporters.

"There was an explosion of domestic gas. A ceiling inside an apartment and a balcony were damaged," Yaroslavl city hall said.

The press service added that the building’s 19 residents had been relocated to a temporary accommodation center. The Emergencies Ministry reported that rescuers evacuated 44 people, including three children, from the building.

There is no one under the debris, Yaroslavl Mayor Artyom Molchanov told TASS.

"Experts have confirmed to us that there is none," he said, replying to a question as to whether there were any people under the wreckage.

The explosion occurred on the top floor of a three-story residential building. The apartment building was built in 1960 and was gasified. One person was injured in the blast, and was hospitalized. The apartment where the blast occurred, suffered the most damage. At present, the post-explosion fire has been put out and the Emergencies Ministry’s specialists are dealing with the aftermath.


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